Most group classes are being held in person while a few offerings remain online. We have reduced our class sizes and require masks for all participants (ages 2 and up).  Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information.

Demystifying Rhythm (for Adults)

In-person offering. Challenged by rhythm and timing? This four-week mini-course is for musicians who want to work on their rhythm fundamentals. Come explore how rhythm is essential to all music study, regardless of genre!

  • Unveil the "mystery " of understanding rhythmic patterns
  • Learn how musicians develop their sense of rhythm and timing
  • Talk about phrasing through rhythm and "feel" of a variety of different styles and pieces
  • Focus on difficult time signatures, compound beats and subdivisions in building a broader rhythm vocabulary
  • Perform a rhythm-only composition as a group to demonstrate their new skills

Designed for adults (both instrumentalists and vocalists) with at least two years of experience studying music and a basic understanding of note values and time signatures. No percussion experience is required!

Instructor:  Sylvie Zakarian

Tuition:  $154  (4-week session) 

Register Online   

Registrations accepted online or by telephone at 781-721-2950.

Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 PM 4 weeks Begins October 7