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Eurhythmics Intensive + Piano & Violin (Ages 7–10)

Not offered in 2020-21. Based on a conservatory style of music education, the Eurhythmics Intensive with Piano and Violin is ideal for children who would benefit from a social, creative group environment, but wish to study music on a deeper level than our typical Eurhythmics classes. The sequential curriculum, which encourages active participation, is designed to connect the musical mind, the musical ear, and the musical body. After spending the first half of each class in a variety of Eurhythmics exercises, students will spend the second half applying those concepts to playing an instrument.

By combining the foundational principles of Dalcroze Eurhythmics—exploration of rhythm through whole-body movement; solfege training through singing, reading, and writing music; and improvisation—with application to playing an instrument, this program unlocks the full potential of Dalcroze Eurhythmics to set children up for musical success.

Because children tend to progress more quickly and experience less frustration when they have taken Dalcroze Eurhythmics classes prior to starting private music lessons, the Eurhythmics Intensive with Piano and Violin is an ideal precursor to private lessons.

Note: This is a two-semester class; students enroll in the fall and are automatically re-enrolled for spring.

Tuition per semester: $744  (16 classes, 90 minutes, plus 15-minute break)

Instructors: Adriana Ausch and Noralee Walker

Materials Needed: Students will need to bring a violin to each class. You can purchase or rent one; we recommend Johnson String in Newton, MA. They can help you choose the correct size violin for your child and walk you through rental options.

Class Days & Times: Not offered for 2020-21