Improv Workshop: "Playing Music Without Music"

Saturday, February 9, 2019
3:30-5:00 pm

Event type: 

  • Workshop

As musicians, we often have visual cues in front of us from the moment we begin. It can be fun to just start playing with a friend and see what happens! Come join faculty member Valerie Walton to explore ways to leave the visual cues behind and improvise using notes from scales you already know, or incorporate melodies you pick up by ear.

You'll develop some basic skills to feel comfortable playing with others without needing sheet music in front of you—perfect for anyone wanting to participate in jam sessions or settings where improvisation and playing by ear are important skills.

Especially well suited for woodwinds, brass, and piano, but all instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome. Participants should be familiar with most major scales and bring their instruments.

Free for WCMS students; $10 for the general public. Register by phone, email, or stop by the WCMS office to sign up.