Spring Semester begins January 30, 2023

Improvisation is Fun!--CANCELED

Thursday, January 26, 2023
7:00 - 8:00 PM

Event type: 

  • Workshop
  • Join us during January Workshop Weeks
  • FREE for enrolled WCMS students
  • $15 for non-students

Improvisation is Fun! (Ages 12–Adult)

This workshop has been canceled. This workshop will allow first time improvisors to overcome their initial hesitation and give them resources to continue learning on their own. Students will learn how to use scales and motifs to improvise over chord progressions.

Pianist Jonathan Fagan will accompany on piano while saxophone teaching artist Valerie Walton offers guidance and examples of stylistic improvisational ideas. Depending upon the experience of the participants, this workshop may include more advanced theory including chord scales and jazz harmony.

All instruments welcome (please bring your instrument!) as well as voice. If you play piano, let us know and we'll try to fit you in—also check out our Blues Piano Improvisation workshop on January 18.

Faculty:  Valerie Walton, Jonathan Fagan