Steve Latanision

Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Steel Guitar, Dobro, Bass, Ukulele
Teaches Remotely

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My goal as a teacher is simple: to bring out the best in any student, utilizing and bringing out the best of their individual skills. As a multi-instrumentalist, I like to focus on universal aspects of learning music such as how to practice, how to look at music, the studies involved, and the relationships between genres and instruments. Bluegrass, for example, is a mix of Irish, blues, and jazz. I encourage understanding of music theory and try to present it in a useful, practical manner.

I began playing guitar at age 7, started violin at age 9, performed in two state youth orchestras, and have since learned mandolin, banjo, pedal and lap steel guitar, Dobro, bass – pretty much anything with strings. I studied jazz at the Berklee School of Music with Brett Wiflmott, Matt Glaser and Joan Huntley, and for the past 25+ years have played throughout the Boston/New England area and have performed on over 250 recordings. I've had the privilege of working with talented and award-winning artists such as John Cate & the Van Gogh Brothers, Lonesome Jukebox, The Dave Sammarco Band, and Ashley Jordan, along with composer Jim Bauer, producer Anthony J. Resta, and engineer Ducky Carlisle.

At the end of the day, I feel that playing music is like taking an incredible vacation: it transports you. You can have the world's worst day, and through redirecting your attention on your instrument, your day melts away. That's the greatest gift music can give to us all.

  • Berklee School of Music, bachelor's degree in Music Production and Engineering
  • Awards from the Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association, New Hampshire Country Music Association, and New England Country Music Organization
  • 25+ years of private lesson teaching
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