Guitar Ensemble

Ready to meet other guitar lovers, improve your playing and find out what ensemble playing is all about?

Our Guitar Ensemble program provides an excellent opportunity to have fun exploring a variety of musical styles with fellow guitar enthusiasts.

  • Participants will learn how to provide support with a bass line, play the lead part with a melody, or provide harmony with chordal support.
  • Each guitar ensemble student learns to develop their ability to execute dynamics, play unison, harmony or counterpoint.
  • The ensembles are open to advanced beginners through advanced players and cover styles as diverse as classical, popular and world music.

Fall session begins:
Week of September18, 2023

Tuition per semester (15 sessions):
Trio or larger group: $522 per student (60 minutes)
Duo: $780 per student (60 minutes) or $585 (45 minutes)
10% discount for WCMS private lesson students

Days and times: Arranged based on room availability and the schedules of coaches/participants

Instructor: Maurice Cahen

To Learn More: Tell us about the student's musical experience and interests by filling out the inquiry form below. Someone will contact you to answer questions and discuss an audition.

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Returning Students: If you are a returning student in Guitar Ensemble, contact our registrar to enroll:

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