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Meet the Notes (Ages 6–9)

Online offering for Fall 2020. Give your child a holistic and creative introduction to learning music notation and developing their musical ears. This “accelerated” musicianship class is based in the Dalcroze Eurhythmics hands-on approach to music learning. Kids will explore meter, rhythm, duration, and the musical staff through songs, stories, creative movement, and improvisation. This class is perfect for children who are planning to learn an instrument for the first time or have just started private lessons.

Limited to 8 participants. For students 6–9 years old as of 9/1/2020.

Note: This program can accept new students until the fourth class of the fall semester. This is a two-semester class; students enroll in the fall and are automatically re-enrolled for spring.

Tuition per semester:  $385 (16 online classes - 45 minutes)

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Registrations accepted online or by telephone at 781-721-2950.

Class Day & Time:

Thursday 3:45 - 4:30 Adriana Ausch Begins Sept. 24

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