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AS A PART OF THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS that began in 2013, we are excited to share with you the five strategic priorities that will guide Winchester Community Music School over the next few years. With input gathered from nearly 200 stakeholders through interviews, surveys, and a focus group, the strategic priorities listed at right represent a unified vision for WCMS, with goals in five areas.

We are thankful to the members of the Strategic Planning Committee who worked tirelessly to synthesize and analyze the data gathered through the analysis phase of the process to develop our five strategic priorities. The priorities affirm WCMS's mission to provide outstanding and diverse music education and performances, accessible to all, in Winchester, neighboring communities, and beyond.

The Board of Trustees adopted the five strategic priorities in February 2014, and we are currently implementing action items and working toward measurable goals for each priority. Please read our Strategic Planning Annual Report from the June 2016 WCMS Annual Meeting for an in-depth update on our progress and goals for the year ahead.

These priorities truly represent a shared vision for WCMS's future. We hope you will join us in embracing these strategic priorities and making this vision WCMS's reality.

Laurie Russell                    Annie Bartlett
Executive Director            Chair, Board of Trustees


Strategic Priority #1: Program Development and Expansion
Create and implement programming that provides greater artistic growth within each musical discipline.
We will continue to fulfill our mission to provide outstanding and diverse music education.

Strategic Priority #2: Marketing and Strategic Communication
Develop strategies for more effective communication with internal and external audiences.
We will utilize traditional media and emerging technologies to communicate with constituents in Winchester, neighboring communities, and beyond.

Strategic Priority #3: Customer Experience Improvement
Assess and enhance customer service at key points of contact.
We are committed to cultivating a warm and welcoming environment to ensure WCMS is accessible to all. We will strive to be responsive and adapt to the changing needs of our constituency.

Strategic Priority #4: Succession Plan Development
Develop a comprehensive succession plan for WCMS leadership and key staff.
We will develop a succession plan in order to continue to thrive and fulfill our mission.

Strategic Priority #5: Performance Space Expansion
Generate feasible option(s) to expand WCMS's performance space.
We will investigate opportunities for expanded performance space to accommodate outstanding and diverse music education and performances.