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Voice Works I & II

Not offered in 2022-2023. The Voice Works program is a choral experience for children who love to sing! This ensemble program is a fun, supportive, and non-competitive experience that develops healthy singing skills, teaches vocal technique, and builds self-confidence and teamwork. The program begins in Grade 3 and progresses through Grade 8, with opportunities for public performances at the school and in the Winchester community.

Voice Works I (Grades 3-5)

Prerequisite:  Audition

In Voice Works I, students work to develop proper vocal technique and build musicianship skills. Music will include popular and classical styles with an emphasis on 2-part singing, rounds, and partner songs. Students are introduced to a variety of types of vocal music—choral, a cappella, opera, and musicals. The ability to sing on pitch is necessary. The final session of each semester will be a performance.

Voice Works II (Grades 6-8)

Prerequisite:  Voice Works I (or by audition)

Voice Works II builds upon skills learned in Voice Works I, but includes solo singing as well as ensemble singing. The students will be coached on stage deportment and audition techniques to help build presentation skills. An important aspect of the class is the opportunity for each singer to explore her voice in a supportive and noncompetitive environment. This ensemble is an excellent foundation for future vocal study and involvement in staged productions. The ability to sing on pitch is necessary. The final session of each semester will be a performance.

Next session begins:  TBD
Note: this program can accept new students until the fourth class of the semester.

Tuition per semester (16 one-hour classes): $352
Full-year enrollment is expected

Audition requirements: New students for Level I or II should prepare a song of their choice to sing a cappella (a short song is fine, does not have to be memorized); match pitch; and perform simple rhythm patterns.