Music surrounded me throughout all the years of my childhood. My mother is a concert pianist, who at that time was performing with the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra. I often spent hours backstage, looking at the orchestral instruments and hearing the symphony rehearsing. Our tiny living room was filled by a huge grand piano.

At the age of five, I started my education at the professional music school affiliated with the Leningrad State Conservatory. The school provided rigorous and comprehensive music education for future professional musicians. I continued my education at the San Francisco Conservatory, where I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music; upon graduating I continued at the Boston Conservatory, earning a Graduate Performance Diploma. I have also taken courses at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory and the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

My teaching style and philosophy is an integration of the Russian style of education – with its emphasis on technique, thorough understanding of music notation, and performing – with more individualized, creative, and flexible Western approaches. I believe that as a teacher, one can challenge students and strive for perfection, while maintaining a warm, supportive, and positive atmosphere. I believe in positive reinforcement only. I also believe that anyone can learn and benefit from learning to play a musical instrument, regardless of age or previous training.

As a performer, I am passionate about chamber music. For me, the true essence of music is in making music together, creating  worldless communication between players and an audience. As a staff pianist and member of the performance faculty at Wellesley College, I perform regularly in a variety of chamber music settings and styles, ranging from the harpsichord music of Bach to the music of Broadway shows.

Science tells us that studying and performing music is highly beneficial for our brains. I also believe that on a spiritual level, music helps us to relate to our own and each other’s emotions, to understand each other, and become more tolerant and kind human beings.

  • Bachelor of Music and Master of Music, San Francisco Conservatory
  • Diploma in piano performance, Boston Conservatory
  • Faculty, New England Piano Academy
  • Graduate staff pianist and faculty, Wellesley College

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