From a young age I’ve always had the pleasure of being surrounded by music. I started playing guitar when I was young, and later picked up the oud after my grandparents introduced me to traditional Armenian music—around the house, at picnics, and at other social gatherings with family and friends. Not only was I delighted to be playing music directly correlated with my ancestry, but it was also a gateway into learning and performing repertoire from all over the Mediterranean and Middle East.

When I decided to take playing the oud a bit more seriously, I started studying under Udi John Berberian, where I was introduced to proper technique and the study of makam (the scales used in this type of music). In 2020, I began attending Berklee College of Music for a bachelor’s degree in composition. I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Simon Shaheen, Ara Dinkjian, Tamar Diesendruck and many other incredible mentors. I strongly believe that a great teacher assists the progression of a student’s abilities, and I strive to teach with the same compassion, discipline, and patience that I have received over the years.

Alongside my studies, I am the founder of the contemporary folk ensemble Armadi Tsayn (“Sound from the Roots” in Armenian). Focusing on performing my own original compositions, as well as other repertoire from the region, we have toured in Armenia, the United States, and Canada.

  • Silk Road Global Musician Workshop Recipient 2023
  • AGBU Creative Armenia Network Member
  • Performed oud on recordings for artists Rosa Lynn & Talia Lahoud
  • Lectured on Armenian music at WPI / for the Armenian Youth Federation
  • Traveled internationally with ensemble Armadi Tsayn