When we began the process last year of developing a new brand identity for WCMS, we never imagined that we would be rolling it out during a pandemic. Nonetheless, we are excited to share the results, which we hope will more clearly communicate what we do and who we serve. Over the past few months, the school has engaged in a thorough, inclusive process of understanding what our community values most about Winchester Community Music School, and listening to your hopes and dreams for the school. It became very clear that those who know us well see WCMS as a vibrant regional hub for world-class music education and programming, serving students and audiences of all ages and interests. It is also clear that our community values the quality, breadth, and accessibility of our programming.

In order to ensure our long-term success as an institution, we need to communicate with clarity and volume, and this brand identity provides us with a strong foundation for doing so. The new logo and colors on our website are just one  piece of the larger brand framework that you will begin to see across all of our communications going forward.

We are grateful to the many individuals—faculty, staff, families, donors, trustees, and advisors—who participated in this work. Because of their thoughtful input, we were able to develop messaging and visuals that are true to who we are, and who we can become. I invite you to help us spread the word about our classes and performances, especially as we enter the fall registration process. Our fall semester begins September 9.