WCMS music instruction is currently being delivered remotely wherever possible.
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Discover the many opportunities and pleasures of meeting other musicians and playing in a group. WCMS offers ensembles and bands for kids, teens and adults in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, rock, and world music. Ensemble groups—coached by a member of our talented WCMS faculty—meet weekly. Whether you're a serious musician or simply a serious music-lover, everyone is welcome to participate! You do not need to be a WCMS student to join.

Classical Ensembles: String Sinfonietta, Chamber Music, Guitar, Percussion, Saxophone, Trumpet
Rock & Jazz Ensembles:
Jazz, Motown, Beatles, Rock & Blues, Stormy Monday Blues, Adult Rock Bands (including Women's Rock Band), Youth Rock Bands
Vocal Ensembles:
Voice Works, Singing for Young Children
World & Early Music:  Village Band, Jenks Recorder Ensemble

Why Join an Ensemble?

WCMS has ensembles and bands to fit a wide range of ages, interests, and ability levels. Whether you simply like the idea of playing or singing with fellow musicians, want to practice in a supportive group, or are ready to take your music to the next level, we will help you find a group that fits.

Playing in an ensemble or band helps participants develop important instrumental and voice skills, such as:

  • Ensemble cueing
  • Group intonation
  • Rhythmic interaction
  • Leadership and listening skills

Participation in an ensemble also improves a student's ability to perform in solo recitals or large ensemble settings such as school bands, orchestras, and a cappella groups. No matter what your musical goals, please join us!