In love with movement arts, Ms. Ausch found in Dalcroze Eurhythmics the space in which she could express her Renaissance approach to all Arts. She received her Master’s Degree in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and the Dalcroze License at Longy School of Music.

In her native country, Romania, Ms. Ausch studied classical piano at the Tg.- Mures Conservatory, earned her Master’s Degree in Architecture and City Planning in Bucharest and parallel with her architectural and stage design career, she became an across-style singer and songwriter. She appeared on television and radio shows, toured Romania, and released a CD in Germany, where she lived before moving to Boston. She holds several performance awards as a singer-songwriter and belonged to the Romanian protest song and folk movement in communist times, when music seemed to be one way to protest against the status quo.

For the last ten years, Ms. Ausch has performed in the Boston area primarily as a solo singer, focusing on twentieth-century art song, and appeared with the cabaret group Follen Angels and the vocal group, Pandora’s Vox.

Over the past several years, Ms. Ausch has been invited back to Romania and Germany to participate in different festivals and appeared in self-produced and directed recitals under the title “Outsider” and “Imagine,” collage-like shows around a theme bringing together different musical styles, languages, and moods. She plans to expand her performing activities in Boston and overseas, pursuing the idea of intimately designed, eclectic musical shows.

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