Additional language spoken: Italian

The music muse took hold of me when I was around 10 years of age. I was always fascinated by the guitar, and decided that it was the instrument for me. My Aunt Miriam, who was an accomplished harpist, bought me my first electric guitar and amplifier. During high school, I played in various Blues and Rock bands, performing at parties and school functions, starting me on the road to becoming a full time musician. I have always enjoyed teaching music as much as performing and composing. Teaching music is a highly creative process. To me, the novice student is like an empty canvas or piece of clay that you, as a teacher have the power to paint and sculpt into a unique work of living art. It’s very rewarding to see your students’ confidence and self esteem build as they improve on their instrument and experience the excitement of live performance.

  • Bachelor of Music, Arranging and Composition, Berklee College of Music
  • Master of Arts, Jazz Performance, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • Faculty: Powers Music School
  • Former Faculty: Associate Jazz and Concert Band Director at Sacred Heart Academy, Honolulu Hawaii, The National Guitar Workshop, Boston Conservatory Extension Program, and St. Marks School
  • Performances: Toured Hawaii and recorded with 2000 Hawaii Jazz Award winner “Alec B” Guitarist, bassist, and arranger for “Music Machine” and The Eddy Heywood Band’ performing at functions, clubs and hotels throughout New England. Member of “Vadala Jazz Quartet”
  • Jazz Guitar studies with Joe Pass, John Wheatley and Bruce Bartlett
  • Classical Guitar studies in Palermo, Sicily with Alberto Scrimenti

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