As a child, I fell in love with both music and dance. I was initially drawn to the piano because of ballet, and I gradually transitioned into playing for other dancers as well as for musical theater. In college, I was able to play with classical singers on vocal and operatic repertoire for the first time, and it was the perfect fit. I was fortunate to have dedicated and passionate teachers who shared my love for collaborating and chamber music, and who helped me to find my role as a vocal pianist. I discovered that playing with other musicians brought new layers to my own musicianship – the communication, trust, and flexibility that must exist between collaborating partners is a beautiful and profound life lesson. Playing with singers also allowed me to pursue a parallel interest in foreign languages and literature.

As a teacher, I want to give my students the tools to pursue musical paths that best suit them. Every musician has a unique journey, but we all need an understanding of the structure and language of music in order to be confident and expressive. It’s a joy to watch students make these discoveries for themselves, and to have fun and find enjoyment while being challenged with new ideas.

  • Doctor of Musical Arts (Collaborative Piano), Boston University
  • Master of Music (Collaborative Piano), New England Conservatory
  • Master of Music (Piano Performance), Georgia State University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music and German), Emory University
  • Franz Schubert Institut (Lieder), Austria
  • Graduate studies in German language and literature, Middlebury College
  • Former staff accompanist, Boston Conservatory
  • Singer, professional choir of the Church of the Advent, Boston

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