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Maurice Cahen

Guitar, Guitar Ensemble Coach
Teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays

Remote Learning Guide: If your lessons with Maurice Cahen are being held remotely, please review these set-up recommendations and technology requirements.

I believe teaching is an equal partnership where both student and teacher interact and feed off each other. Both sides are constantly challenged - the student has to digest new materials while he or she motivate the teacher to break down new information and techniques in a creative way. As both sides grow and get better at this partnership, they constantly re-visit the crucial "basics" with a new light and fresh perspective.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical environment. My father, a piano player, had his share of gigs as a professional musician in France.

As a kid, I used to spend a lot of time beneath the grand piano while my father played everyday; my favorite spot, the music would just go right through me! As early as I can remember, I was trying to play on my sister's guitar and, as a teen, rocking with my band and taking classical guitar classes at a Luthier workshop in Paris. As an adolescent, my interest grew toward diverse musical styles and I never really separated all these different approaches. It was all music and sounded great to me: rock, blues, jazz & Latin, classical, samba, whatever.

Today, I feel the same as a musician; I like diversity. I teach, compose, publish, gig, go on tour. All those different facets keep my musical experience exciting and challenging.I enjoy teaching tremendously; I like spending time with people from different venues.I find it to be an invaluable gift to witness somebody opening up to their own creativity and seeing them joining the magic of music making.

  • Baccalaureate Degree, Ecole Massillon
  • Diploma with a Major in Professional Music, Berklee College of Music 1987
  • Co-founder of Elisya Chamber Players, Reflection Quartet and Brazilian Serenade
  • Published compositions which won awards at the National Flute Association
  • Performances and touring in the US, Israel, Europe and Brazil