To put it simply, I am a musician. In one way or another, I work toward the creation of music. I can describe myself alternately as an audio engineer, producer, performer, and songwriter, but it all comes down to a constant effort to make the best music I can. The many roles I’ve played in various parts of the music industry, from working as a soundman at small clubs to owning and running my own recording studio, have provided invaluable experience and perspective that have informed my efforts as a recordist. This holistic approach is what I try to pass along to those who are new to the craft.

After graduating from Providence College in 1997, I began performing in the Boston area. I was in several bands over the years, and in 2004, knowing little about engineering, I opened a recording studio with a couple of partners in Cambridge. I slowly absorbed the art and science of recording from my more experienced friends, while simultaneously pursuing my career as a performer. Over the next decade, I released several albums, one of which was ranked among the ten best of the year by the Wall Street Journal. I earned two Boston Music Awards, and I toured internationally with a number of different acts. I discovered what it was like to be on both sides of the studio glass, and I learned the delicate balance of collaboration that is so crucial to recording music. I worked with clients and I worked completely alone – experimenting, failing, succeeding, and ultimately improving my work and benefiting my projects.

My goal is to demystify the recording process for those who are new to it, and to impart the principles, the basics, the creative dynamics, and the technical parameters that we, as recordists, must navigate in order to make quality music. With these elements in hand, I hope to encourage and enable students to engage with music in a new way, and to give them the confidence and freedom to experiment, finding their own way forward and forging their own sound.

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