Specializing in work with older adults, palliative care, and dementia.

In my music therapy groups I often share the Zimbabwe proverb, “If you can walk you can dance; if you can talk you can sing.” From an early age, humans are affected physiologically by music and by rhythm—think of a bouncing baby. As a young child myself, while attending synagogue, I was so overjoyed by the spirit of the music that I danced and sang on the bimah. I wish I could say I feel as carefree as that today! But why shouldn’t we all feel that carefree joy from music?

My love of music was further fostered by performing at age 16 with the Blue Lake International Choir, which gave me the opportunity to travel and perform across Europe. My growing desire to help others, my passion for music, and my scientific curiosity led me to pursue a degree in the community-minded practice of Music Therapy. As a board-certified music therapist, I have been fortunate to help children say new words, seniors learn ukulele, and couples reminisce and dance to their wedding songs 50 years later. Of all the age groups I have worked with, I am most passionate about older adults, especially those with dementia. I am fascinated by my patients’ life stories. I have watched music unlock memories and speech; help families and patients heal; and create opportunities for celebrating life.

Through social experiences, we sometimes internalize the message that we are “not good enough” to engage in music. As we age, especially in the Western world, music and dancing is relegated to the professionals and might not be incorporated into our everyday lives. I believe the joy of community music should be for everyone.

To further explore what Music Therapy is, please go to www.musictherapy.org.

  • MT-BC, Music Therapist Board Certified
  • Habilitation Therapy Certification, Alzheimer’s Association
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy, Eastern Michigan University
  • Current Graduate Student at Boston University School of Social Work
  • Current work at Falls at Cordingly Dam Assisted Living/Memory Care (Newton) leading groups such as Music and Relaxation, Tone Chime Choir, World Dance, Soundscapes, Drumming
  • Other current work at Lasell Village as Adjunct Professor, Music and Social Change, Ukulele
  • Previous work at Trinity Hospice (Worcester), The Medical Team Hospice (Livonia, MI), Arbor Hospice (Ann Arbor, MI)