Summer Percussion Festival (Ages 7–12)

2023 Summer Percussion Festival

Monday, June 26—Friday, June 30

Choose from two great programs!

  • Percussion Exploration (ages 7–10)
  • Percussion Ensemble (ages 9–12)

Both programs include hands-on experience with a wide variety of percussion instruments, plus the chance to learn and play in a fun group setting.

Percussion Exploration (Ages 7–10)

Learn what makes the percussion section tick! Percussion Exploration is a 5-day program designed to introduce young musicians to playing percussion instruments. It's a great way to try out percussion in a fun group setting if you're a beginner or have had only basic instruction. 

A musical presentation for family and friends will be held on the last day.

Time:  9:00 AM–12:00 PM daily (Monday–Friday)

Tuition:  $500

Faculty:  Carl Puglisi

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Percussion Ensemble (Ages 9–12)  cancelled

Have some percussion experience already? In this 5-day program, you'll play a wide variety of percussion instruments and work towards developing well-rounded percussion skills. Two years of percussion experience and a placement audition are required. Taught by Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion Department Chair Sylvie Zakarian.

A musical presentation for friends and family will be held on the last day.

To arrange an audition or for more information, email the program director or call us at 781-721-2950.

Time:  9:00 AM–12:00 PM daily (Monday–Friday)

Tuition:  $500

Faculty:  Sylvie Zakarian

Watch a performance of "Collisions" by our WCMS percussion ensemble, January 2020