Suzuki Piano

The Suzuki Piano program provides young children with a natural, immersive method for learning piano. Often referred to as the "mother tongue" method, the Suzuki program teaches music to children in the same way they learn their "mother tongue" language. Children learn language by listening, then by imitating words, phrases, and finally whole sentences. It isn't until later that they begin to read and write their language. The same concept applies to music. Most students begin Suzuki between 4 1/2 and 8 years old.

A unique aspect of the Suzuki program is the high level of parent involvement. Each student works closely with a parent - both at home and in the classroom - attending all lessons and classes together.

Private Lesson Component

Attending weekly private lessons, Suzuki piano students will:

  • Benefit from a strong emphasis on ear training
  • Develop proper technique
  • Learn more difficult repertoire than they would be able to read right away
  • Watch their hands and not have their attention divided between reading, interpreting, and playing
  • Receive repertoire to listen to at home

Group Class Component

Suzuki piano students participate in a weekly group class as well as a weekly private lesson. The benefits of having this weekly group class are substantial. It not only allows students to interact with each other and play ensemble music, but often times, during this process, they gain a wealth of experience by watching others work through the same repertoire. Suzuki once said that, "one will never learn to play 'in time' and be individually responsible for their part as they are in a group situation." This shared experience enriches the learning process.

Fall Semester begins:  September 11, 2023
The program is currently filled for the 2023-2024 school year.

  • New student families who are interested in the Suzuki program should contact WCMS well in advance of the upcoming (fall or spring) semester. Please submit an inquiry below.
  • Current Suzuki piano families can log in here for the online orientation materials.

  or call 781-721-2950 to learn more

Tuition per semester 2023-2024:
30-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $1,312
45-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $1,672
60-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $2,032
Group classes only (for students taking private Suzuki lessons outside WCMS) = $532.50