Village Band (All ages)

All instruments, ages, and levels welcome! Pull that instrument out of the closet, the attic, or the basement and start playing! Village Band is a friendly, welcoming group that plays all sorts of music including light classical, Americana, pop, klezmer, and world folk music (anything from a tarantella to an Irish jig to a Turkish dance). We have open enrollment and encourage everyone to join us - whether you are picking up your instrument for the first time in years, or have never stopped playing and are looking for a fun challenge. Also open to younger people who are looking for a different kind of ensemble experience. Almost any instrument can join: winds, brass, strings, and percussion welcome, including guitar, mandolin, bass, and piano. To learn more or to enroll, submit the inquiry form below and the instructor will contact you to answer any questions.

Spring Semester begins:  January 24, 2019
Days and Times: Mondays, 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Tuition per semester: $465 (15 sessions, 90-minutes each); 10% discount for WCMS private lessons students

Summer 2019

Village Band is even cooler in the summer! Come join us for six weekly sessions. An Irish waltz, a Turkish dance, a klezmer hora, an American jig—anything is possible in the Village Band! Open to all instruments (winds, strings, brass, percussion) and all levels. You just need to be able to read music and have basic skills. This unique group explores all types of music and is friendly and fun.

Once your registration has been received and processed, the instructor will contact you to discuss playing experience and goals. The final session includes a concert for family and friends at 7:00 PM.

Days and Times: Wednesdays evenings, 6:30-8:00 pm, June 19 - July 24, 2019
Tuition: TBD


  • For Summer session: If you're a new student for the summer, or are already a member of Village Band, enroll here:
       Coming soon for 2019!
  • For school-year returning students: If you are already a member of Village Band, or have had a conversation with the instructor, enroll online here:
  • For school-year new students: If you are interested in joining Village Band, please submit this inquiry form and the instructor will be in touch with you: