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Chamber Music Ensembles (Mixed Instruments)

Performing in a chamber music ensemble is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences for a musician. Students expand their overall musicianship, technique, and performance skills. In the past, we have programmed chamber music repertoire such as Beethoven string quartets, Haydn string trios, Dvorak piano trios, Ibert woodwind trios, and Mozart piano quartets. Chamber music is open to all instrumentalists: strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, and classical guitar. We welcome grade school children (ages 7+), teens, and adults.

Chamber groups will be coached by a member of our piano, string, or wind/brass faculty. The ensemble coordinator will arrange the weekly coachings based on the schedules of the coaches and participants. The semester includes thirteen coachings, a master class, and a final performance. Some ensembles take advantage of opportunities to play in the community as well.

Chamber ensembles are created based on matching the level, age, and skill of the musicians who perform a successful audition.

Next session begins:  TBD

Tuition per semester (15 one-hour sessions): $435, 10% discount for WCMS private lesson students. (For an ensemble with only two enrolled students, the tuition is $660 per participant.)

Days and Times: Arranged based on the schedules of coaches and participants

Chamber Ensemble Coordinator: Ela Brandys-O'Neill

Audition Requirements: Two pieces in contrasting styles (one slow and one fast) or one piece with two contrasting movements (slow and fast). Two scales of student's choice. In addition to the performance of prepared materials, all students will be required to sight read. Please complete this audition form in advance and bring it to the audition.

Placement auditions:  Auditions for new ensemble participants are held in advance of each semester. Please submit an online inquiry below for more information.


  • For returning students: If you are a returning student in a chamber ensemble, register online here to be added to the student list for the coming semester. Prior to the start of the semester, students will be organized into ensembles based on ability and day/time availability. Tuition is due when the groups have been scheduled.
  • For new students: If you are interested in joining a chamber ensemble, please submit an online inquiry and the instructor will be in touch with you: