Music Therapy (all ages)

Music Therapy is an established health profession that uses music and music experiences to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of children, youth, and adults. Music therapy is used with individuals of all ages with a variety of conditions such as mental illness, physical disabilities, sensor motor impairments, and emotional or behavioral problems to facilitate relaxation and stress reduction, to manage pain, or learn other developmental skills. A music therapy session can involve students in singing, listening, moving, playing, and in creative activities for developing life skills. Music therapists are able to meet clients at their own levels and allow them to grow.

Music Therapy at WCMS:

  • Is administered by a trained music therapist
  • Works toward specific therapeutic goals and objectives
  • Promotes expressive and receptive communication skills
  • Develops fine and gross motor coordination
  • Improves attention skills
  • Provides a healthy outlet for emotions
  • Creates a safe environment to explore moods and emotional states through participation in active music-making experiences

2023-2024 Tuition – 16-week semester
30-minutes: $884
45-minutes: $1,240
60-minutes: $1,600

New students can enroll at any time. If a semester is already underway, tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks that remain. Submit an online inquiry to begin the registration process, or call 781-721-2950 with questions.

Music Therapy Group for Persons with Parkinson's

WCMS is also offering a special music therapy program to address the needs of Persons with Parkinson's (PWPs). The program is a series of one-hour group sessions, involving 3-5 PWPs and music therapist Monika Gibbons. Click here for more information.