Suzuki Violin

Learning to play violin using the Suzuki method provides students with an in-depth learning experience that combines individual lessons and group classes. Students as young as 4 years old can participate in Suzuki instruction, depending upon faculty recommendation.

Individual Lesson Component

A unique feature of the Suzuki program is that the parent is actively involved in the learning process. It is the responsibility of the parent to attend all lessons, groups, and recitals with the child and supervise the home practice. One of the most important components for success is the parent's willingness to spend time working closely with the child and teacher. The goal of the private lesson is to have the student learn the skills required to play the instrument with special emphasis on tone production and musicality while also developing a positive parent-teacher-student relationship.

Group Lesson Component

Group lessons are wonderful opportunities to motivate your child. They offer a chance to hear pieces that will be worked on in the future and the opportunity to recognize and apply the skills already learned. There are also two other important purposes for having group lessons:

  • First, group lessons give children a musical peer group with whom they can identify. Group playing is often slightly below the lesson material level. This gives the students the opportunity to play with each other in a non-threatening environment, develop self-confidence and poise in a group, and obtain motivation and social enjoyment from their peers and friends.
  • Second, classes are preparation for ensemble work. Playing in a group class involves an entirely different set of skills than playing alone. Group activities are used to develop a sense of ensemble while reviewing and polishing various technical and musical points in an enjoyable and stimulating environment.

You and your child are expected to attend all group lessons. It is very difficult for both the teacher and the student to make real progress in ensemble work if the same group is not there as expected. Please do not send your child to group lessons alone. The group lesson is just as important for the child as it is for the parent and also gives you a chance to meet other Suzuki parents.

Fall semester begins:  September 11, 2023

* To become familiar with the Suzuki method, new student families should contact WCMS well in advance to schedule required observations (one lesson and one class).

  or call 781-721-2950 to learn more and to schedule the observations.

Tuition per semester:

30-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $1,312
45-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $1,672
60-minute private lessons (16) + 45-minute group classes (15) = $2,032
Group classes only = $532.50

Materials Needed

  • Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1 (Revised Edition, Book/CD combo)
  • No instrument is needed for the first lesson. Your teacher will advise you on the instrument rental process.

2023-2024 Group Class Days & Times:

Friday 4:00 - 4:45 pm Book 1A Cassandra Lyons